Hey! I’m Vladislav

I turn the coffee into somewhat good code, stream action/jrpg games occasionally and tweet semi-interesting stuff.

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Weekly Top 5 (07/12/19 - 13/12/19)

5. Stitched Up Heart - Lost (feat. Sully Erna) I wanted to hear what is Sully up to and bump on his feature on this song Stitched Up Heart. I have soft spot for female lead rock/metal bands. The band sound is just around my alley and I really liked the vocals of Alecia. 4. Motionless In White…

Weekly Top 5 (30/11/19 - 06/12/19)

5. Reol - 平面鏡 Reol has become on of my most favorite music acts from Japan. I just love her voice. Also they all as a group are diverse. Hence Reol got the top place in my Spotify Wrapped for this year. 4. she - Always Yours Chiptune <3 She <3 Just masterpiece! 3. Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens…

Timelapse Experiment

The other day I got bored so I decided to make a quick timelapse. Since I do not have any good camera or software, I went guerrilla style. I recorded the video using Time Spirit (it’s called Time Lapse camera in Google Play for some reason). My last adventure into video editing was more than 7 years…

Weekly Top 5 (23/11/19 - 29/11/19)

5. coldrain - The side effects I do not know how I haven’t heard coldrain until now but after hearing Mayday and The side effects I was in love with the band. They are a Japanese post-hardcore band. What I really like about this song in particular is the slow baladlike verses and the flow to the…

Take me and break me

Take me and break me I’m so damn tired of this lifeless life Take me and kill my pain This time I won’t scream, I won’t shout I won’t wait to fall down I`ll just fall asleep Until my life ends. Take me and break me Now I fell so damn alone, Waiting only to cut my throat There is no need to live When…

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