Year in retrospective (Circa 2019)

Cover: Happy New Year by BlackMageAlodia Well this was a wild ride. There were ups and a lot of downs. But I am still here. Streaming I got into streaming again. And no… Not like a “real” streamer. Just when I feel like it (or depressed) I just press the “Stream Now” button. I was finnally able to…

Timelapse Experiment

The other day I got bored so I decided to make a quick timelapse. Since I do not have any good camera or software, I went guerrilla style. I recorded the video using Time Spirit (it’s called Time Lapse camera in Google Play for some reason). My last adventure into video editing was more than 7 years…

Take me and break me

Take me and break me I’m so damn tired of this lifeless life Take me and kill my pain This time I won’t scream, I won’t shout I won’t wait to fall down I`ll just fall asleep Until my life ends. Take me and break me Now I fell so damn alone, Waiting only to cut my throat There is no need to live When…

Switching to GatsbyJS

Oh... My "sweet" React and GraphQL

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