Hey! I’m Vladislav

I turn the coffee into somewhat good code, stream action/jrpg games occasionally and tweet semi-interesting stuff.

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Year in retrospective (Circa 2019)

Cover: Happy New Year by BlackMageAlodia Well this was a wild ride. There were ups and a lot of downs. But I am still here. Streaming I got into streaming again. And no… Not like a “real” streamer. Just when I feel like it (or depressed) I just press the “Stream Now” button. I was finnally able to…

Weekly Top 5 (21/12/19 - 27/12/19)

5. Cepheid - Goddess (feat. Nonon) I like weeb s**t… Year ago I thought that “vocaloid music” was bs. No… Well just listen to this metal/symphonic powerhouse. 4. Helalyn Flowers - Suicidal Birds A brand new song from Helalyn Flowers… Count me in. They are one of my favorite female-fronted…

Weekly Top 5 (14/12/19 - 20/12/19)

5. GUNSHIP - Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello and Indiana) This song has been on my favorite playlist since its release, but I never knew that there was an official video. I love synthwave genre and this song summarize everything I like. Dark visuals, dark synths and soft female vocals. 4. K/DA…

Weekly Top 5 (07/12/19 - 13/12/19)

5. Stitched Up Heart - Lost (feat. Sully Erna) I wanted to hear what is Sully up to and bump on his feature on this song Stitched Up Heart. I have soft spot for female lead rock/metal bands. The band sound is just around my alley and I really liked the vocals of Alecia. 4. Motionless In White…

Weekly Top 5 (30/11/19 - 06/12/19)

5. Reol - 平面鏡 Reol has become on of my most favorite music acts from Japan. I just love her voice. Also they all as a group are diverse. Hence Reol got the top place in my Spotify Wrapped for this year. 4. she - Always Yours Chiptune <3 She <3 Just masterpiece! 3. Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens…

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