Metal Gear Survive #FucKonami

Good job Capcom Konami!


– Soooo. What we can do after MGS V?

– A zombie game!

Thanks Konami!

What we know for now is this:

  • It`ll be a multiplayer coop focused.
  • It probably will cost the price of Ground Zeroes… Which is a good news?
  • There will be zombies! Whatever they call them in the end won`t change this fact.
  • It`s alternative timeline sooo we can give less fuck, maybe?
  • There will be a stealth. – I`m pretty sure that there won`t be , but we`ll wait and see.

Even the people @ Playstation Access could not deliver the facts about the game with excitement.

We`ll see this shit (game) sometime in 2017. However from what we have seen this is definitely not a first day buy and please forget about preordering this shit!

This is not Metal Gear Rising Revengeance! At list it was a good game in a interesting genre and definitely was not butchering of Metal Gear series.