Year in retrospective (Circa 2019)

Year in retrospective (Circa 2019)

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Well this was a wild ride. There were ups and a lot of downs. But I am still here.


I got into streaming again. And no… Not like a “real” streamer. Just when I feel like it (or depressed) I just press the “Stream Now” button. I was finnally able to finish some games that I’ve been putting off for years. And it’s cool to meet people who like the same games like me.

I am impressed that I stuck around for so much this year. Usually when I try something like this I get down or bored in just two weeks.

Stream Stats

I want to shout out just a fraction of people and their communities who made this year better for me.


I never thought that I would have some much fun on a stream. Cons is a really good British tw*t who plays Monster Hunter. He also does maths on stream from time to time. He is one of the reasons I had so much fun through some of the darkest days in this year. Also, everyone else who I met on his stream and hunt together. Especially Endergamer, a cool dude from Germany. We hunt a lot together while he was trying to complete everything in MH:GU. You can check Cons at, and


My Canadian weeb boy! I do not remember with whom I raided his channel with but I liked him. He’s one of the nicest people and I always enjoy watching or lurking in his stream. At the time he played Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate but now he is on FF14/MH: Iceborne grind with random games in between. Check him out on and
Also big shoutout for Crysae. Really cool mod at his channel.


Our monster huntress from the Philippines <3 I remember following her because of her awesome MH transmogs. Also join some of her hunts on stream. Really good person which is now streaming rarely, but still I wish her all the best. She definitely deserves it. You can find her on and


Freja streams are usually just after I get back home after work. They are pretty chill and help decompressing after long work day. She plays Monster Hunter, Mechwarrior games, Pokemon and a lot more. I remember that I started watching her MH: GU all weapons challenge and even being there for the final <3 You can follow her on and


Dune… Dune. He has Dyslexia so in the beginning he always told me Valdo. I stuck with that for a while and didn’t want to tell him he is reading my name wrong :D But I love his streams. He mostly plays Monster Hunter games as well as any other game that catches his eye. You can find him on and

PS: There is also command for me in his channel ^_^

Dune Channel Vlado Command


Although I dropped my phone numerous times, I’ve decided to take photos again. Yeah, they may be crappy, but it just another side thing to do. I sometimes post pics on

This is all? Just some plugs?

Nope, but this is the most important. As I said there were some downs, but the only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes, stand up and move forward.

So big thanks to everyone who stuck by my side, helped me when I needed, punch me in the face when I was wrong and gave me another chance. See you around in 2020.

Much love <3

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