Let me be honest from the start. For years, I disliked Ronnie Radke just on stuff that I’ve been reading online. Also, I have given a listen to his previous band Escape the fate but nothing caught my ear.

Recently I started listening Falling in Reverse and got hooked up really fast. The mix between rap, pop punk and rock struck a chord in me. Overall their production is always on very high level. Even the autotune in the rapping parts doesn’t upset me.

Well shit… This is a banger. ‘Popular monster’ starts with a strong hip-hop verse perfectly flowing into the chorus. While the lyrics are not anything ground breaking they are simple and straight to the point.

‘Cause I’m about to break down, searching for a way out
I’m a liar, I’m a cheater, I’m a non-believer, I’m a popular, popular monster
I break down, falling into love now with falling apart
I’m a popular, popular monster

What I really liked about the song is the blend between all styles. There isn’t single element of the song which brings it down. The vocals are no point as Ronnie stats the first verse with a clean rapping. You can feel the pain in his words. We all just wanna fell okay in the end of the day, right?

Yeah, it’s not a fucking phase, I just wanna feel okay, okay Yeah, I struggle with this bullshit every day And it’s probably ‘cause my demons simultaneously rage And it obliterates me, disintegrates me, annihilates me

Then the chorus hits like a truck. The guitars are freaking good and the Ronnies’ rock to poppy voice makes it even better. And then… There is the build up to one of the best drops I’ve heard. Hearing him scream made me very happy.

Also, I think that the video accompanies the song pretty well. It’s dark and greedy. Actually their videos generally are very put together. Just see their previous one — Drugs.

Overall the song is just top-notch. It’s the best genre mashing which most bands have hard time to pull off. But Falling in Reverse did it! And this song goes in my all time favorites.