"Modern" Developers' bullshit vol.1

Or maybe I`m just old and grumpy vol.0...

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We should use the newest(shiny) X front/backend framework and rewrite all our software because Hello World example has 1% more performance.

Hell, no.

We must use **** stack because X developer community likes it.

Good for them. And no!

Mark Zuckerberg has made millions with a stupid social website. I can do it too.

Sure. Go for it.

PHP sucks.

If you say so :) And JavaScript running on NodeJS is the best?

I only know how to work with X framework.

Awesome. Any idea how the fu*k this stuff works under the hood or it's all magic for you?

X Framework is all we need.

Famous last words.

X programing language is the best.

No, no... No.

Does it scale?

Sure!!! We're adding one server for your requests and another for your moms. We're also load balancing it so we can handle this overwhelming traffic for your Hello World website.

Wow. This 10 old website still runs?

Well yes. It's called magic!

P.S.: I just hit i=31 and I feel old.

Vladislav Stoyanov

Published 2 months ago


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