This page contains many resources I’ve found or many of the helpful people in MHGU community has shared with me. Its pretty much always work in progress. If you think there is something wrong or I can add more stuff feel free to leave a comment or DM me on twitter. I hope these resources can help you on your MH journey.

Note: I wish I remember every single person who gave me some of the links , but a lot of them are from my bookmarks.

Note 2: I still don’t have any idea for a lot of stuff so don’t expect any good advices from me 😀

Yet Another Weapon Guide/ Athena’s ASS for MHGU

Kiranico – Database with everything from key quests, weapons, skills and on and on. Its a required bookmark 🙂

Ping’s MHXX Dex – Consider it Kiranico for Windows.

[MHGen] Bowgun Ammo Guide

[MHXX] Heavy Bowgun Compendium

[MHXX] Insect Glaive Compendium

MHX Ammo Recoil/Reload

MHGU Sim (Online alternative of Athena’s ASS)

Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate Important Quests

Attack Buff Stacking for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

What are the difference between the types of armor as in S, R, EX, and so on

10K Subs Celebration Stream + Bowgun Tutorial