5. coldrain – The side effects

I do not know how I haven’t heard coldrain until now but after hearing Mayday and The side effects I was in love with the band. They are a Japanese post-hardcore band. What I really like about this song in particular is the slow baladlike verses and the flow to the chorus. And the voice of Masato is so fucking nice.

4. Black Veil Brides – Saints Of The Blood

Literally in the last moment BVB came out with their new video. And they bring back the “war paint”. Andy Biersack has a special place in my heart.

3. coldrain – Mayday feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake

This song just got me from the first listen. I like the energy and the power that it holds. Again Masato <3 . Also sick breakdown and the featuring of Ryo just fits perfectly.

2. BAND-MAID – 輪廻 / Rinne / Reincarnation

Well, well. My favorite all girl j-rock band. Everyone in Band-Maid is sick. Just go and check out their live videos on Youtube.
This song in particular is just hart hitting from the start. Also the video is shot with 8 mm film and they get bonus points for that, because it looks so freakingly good.

One Ok Rock – Taking off

The first time when I heard this bands name was on Linkin Park & Friends concert in honor of Chester Benningoton. There Taka joined Linkin Park for the song Somewhere I belong. He did decent job but I’ve never checked his band. Wow, what a grave mistake. I definitely think that One Ok Rock can become my new Linkin Park. I am still going through their discography but I like what I am hearing so far.

What I did really enjoy about Taking off is the instrumental – so soft yet so energetic. And the vocals are awesome. To be honest listening to Taka in his band reminds me of Chester. I think that they are really talented and I’ll definitely will add them to my favorite bands.