5. Stitched Up Heart – Lost (feat. Sully Erna)

I wanted to hear what is Sully up to and bump on his feature on this song Stitched Up Heart. I have soft spot for female lead rock/metal bands. The band sound is just around my alley and I really liked the vocals of Alecia.

4. Motionless In White – Another Life

First time I heard MIT was when they make their tribute to Chester when he passed away. I listened to their stuff and fell in love the band and their music. ‘Another Life’ is one my favorite songs of MIT.

3. Icon For Hire – Blindside

Another female led band. I’ve been fan of Icon For Hire since the very begining. They like to experiment so they never felt stale. Blindside is just another testament to that.

2. The HU – Wolf Totem feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach

Well after the K-Pop invasion is fair to say that now it’s a open season for any colaborations around the world. This song is just another evidence for that. Mixing rock with Mongolian instrumentation and Morin khuur (Mongolian throat singing) equals something different and new. Add Jacoby Shaddix and you get hard hitting masterpiece.

1. mildrage – “Silent spear”

Oh how I missed mildrage. Ever since I heard Armeria they became one of my favorite metalcore bands. MEG and teppei are very good duo on the vocals. And the hard hitting instrumental is just ^_^