5. Cepheid – Goddess (feat. Nonon)

I like weeb s**t… Year ago I thought that “vocaloid music” was bs. No… Well just listen to this metal/symphonic powerhouse.

4. Helalyn Flowers – Suicidal Birds

A brand new song from Helalyn Flowers… Count me in. They are one of my favorite female-fronted industrial rock acts.

3. Mick Gordon – Touch Me and I’ll Break Your Face

I love Mick Gordon since I first heard his soundtrack on Doom (2016) OST. Digging down in his discography you can find so many gems. The hard hitting “Touch Me and I’ll Break Your Face” is one of the countless songs I can recomend you. Others include Tiger Warrior and definetly Rip & Tear.

2. Joe Ford & Celldweller – Breaking Point (feat. Robin Adams)

Oh my gosh! I love this song because it’s everything that I like from Celldweller and with a notch if Linkin Park. It would have been cool if they colaborated but alas.

1. Against The Current – Voices

Is it poppy? Yes. Is it rock? Maybe. The song is so freakingly catchy that I cannot stop listening to it.
I found Against The Current because of their vocalist – Chrissy Costanza. She is involved in a couple of songs for League of Legends which are awesome. And she also plays LoL which is bonus point.