Gaming Todos

Gaming Todos

The Legend of Heroes Marathon

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC [In Progress]
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak II


  • The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Make the max version of every single bow in the game.

NameRarityStarts FromIn progressDone
Sophos Bow 111Petrified Bow.-Yes
Arko Du (W) 81Arko Nulo (W).-Yes
Archfeather Bow 91Plume Bow.-Yes
Viand Bowfish 81Morsel Bowfish.No 
Sharpshooter 111Hunter’s Bow.No 
Hunter’s Bravebow 111Hunter’s Stoutbow.No 
Hot Spring Bow 81Yukumo Bow.No 
Fullpelt Bow 71Blango Fur Bow.No 
Arko Du (Y) 81Arko Nulo (Y).-Yes
Scorpion Perforator 82Type 64 Multibow.-Yes
Queen’s Rhapsody 72Queen Blaster.-Yes
Khezu Que C’est 72Khezu Bow.-Yes
Hoodwynk 82Felyne Bow.-Yes
Great Kut-Ku Stave 82Kut-Ku Stave.-Yes
Frozen Solstice 72Ivory Bow.-Yes
Chaotic Thrall 72Chaos Bow.-Yes
Bamboo Kaguya 82Bamboo Taketori.-Yes
Avidya Bow 72Hidden Bow.-Yes
Ultrasonic 82Sonic Bow.Yes 
Kingpincer Warbow 82Daimyo’s Warbow.-Yes
Heaven’s Breath 82Crystalline Flower.No 
Drothdymion 82Spongia Bow.No 
Arachnid Silksong 72Arachnid Bow.No 
Yukumo Aurabow 63Yukumo Purebow.-Yes
Untergang 63Entbehrung.-Yes
Tsali Arisen 53Dios Flier.-Yes
Tigrex Vibrissa 63Tigrex Archer.-Yes
Rubescent Saule 73Prominence Bow.-Yes
Renegade Bow 63Shalya Bow.-Yes
Perkunas 73Lightning Bow.-Yes
Oppressor’s Answer 73Usurper’s Rumble.-Yes
Max Voltsender 73Voltsender.-Yes
Ethereal Ediacca 73Obsidian Bow.-Yes
Elysian Manna 73Blessed Rain.-Yes
Behemoth’s Bow 73Giant’s Bow.-Yes
Ashen Vainglory 73Ashen Wrath.-Yes
Jinx Bow 53Crow Bow.No 
Harbinger’s Battlebow 63Yekla Arc.No 
Hamal Bow 63Skeletal Bow.No 
Gigantomachy 73Brazencord.No 
Fatalis Bow 63Onyx Bow.-Yes
Bow of Want & Blood 63Bow of Hope & Valor.Yes 
Ursa Major 64Bear Blade Bow.-Yes
Shadow Nerscope 64Scylla Fist.-Yes
Great Kelbi Deershot 64Kelbi Stingshot.-Yes
Gehenna’s Roar 64Demon Helm Bow.-Yes
Fluctus 74Arca Raptora.-Yes
Cobalt Wildfire 54Blue Alighter.-Yes
Wildwood Falderol 54Wild Bow.No 
Caraphaze 54Heat Haze.No 
Aged Bow 84Worn Bow.Yes 
Wildwood Kalifabra 65Savage Wildbow.-Yes
Aquasteed Harp 55Seahorse Harp.-Yes
Snowdrift 75Abominable Bow.No 
Hailstorm 55Ice Cold Alighter.No 
Amber Arc Valanga 55Ice Crest.No 
Absolute Deviance 75Feminine Haze.No 
The Terrible 56Diablos Coilbender.-Yes
Sedition Piercer 66Seditious Arrow.-Yes
Sacred Bow G 56Hero’s Bow.-Yes
Pirate King Bow J 46Pirate Bow J.-Yes
L’Innocence 66Le Ravisseur.-Yes
Garuga Ghoulbow 56Vile Bow.-Yes
Beastczar Thunderbow 56Beast Thunderbow.-Yes
Authority Anemoi 56Research Bow.-Yes
Warflare Annihilator 66Demolition Bow.No 
Angelforce 56Angelbein.No 
Ancient Bow XX 46Ancient Bow.No 
Unlimited Daybreak 57Tempest Nightbow.-Yes
Ukanlos Worldreaver 57Ukanlos Bow.-Yes
Polestar Tangaroa 57Polar Avian Bow.-Yes
Magnastar Wil 67Silverwing Bow.-Yes
Hecate Moonsculptor 57Selene Moonbroken.-Yes
Clearsky Eos 57Hyperion.-Yes
Archbeast Avatar 57Archbeast Thunderbow.-Yes
Altheos Incanonis 57Alatreon Bow.-Yes
Akantor Mutilator 57Akantor Bow.-Yes
Devil’s Counsel 57Genie’s Grimoire.Yes 
Daora’s Toxotes 57Icesteel Bow.No 
Scylla Webdart 38Scylla Weave.-Yes
Philosopher Bow 38Elder Bow.-Yes
Orcus Sagittus 39Despot’s Shock.-Yes
Heedful Elizabeth 39Ala Victoria.-Yes
Maskbow Kayachacham 39Kayamcha Slinger.Yes 
Wepwawet 310Goldbow.-Yes
Triumph and Testament 310Glory and Grandeur.-Yes
Lightbreak Scatterburst 310Lightbreak Bow.-Yes
Heavensfall 310Kingdomfall.-Yes
Bow of Vice & Violence 310Bow of Toil & Turmoil.-Yes
Bow of Fury & Perfidy 310Bow of Ire & Anguish.-Yes
Auftauchen/Disparition 310Gewinn/Perte.-Yes
Zilvolt Bow 511Zephra Bow!-Yes
Thundercrash 1511Rumble Bow!-Yes
Sunlight Gale 1511Silverwind Bow!-Yes
Rustrazor Striker 511Razor Striker!-Yes
Houyi 511Massacre Bow!-Yes
Hellish Virtue 1511Hellish Wrath!-Yes
Grimclaw Roar 1511Rudra Bow!-Yes
Firewaltz Bow 1511Dread Bow!-Yes
Elderfrost Marksman 511Elderfrost Bow!-Yes
Diamante Arc 1511Grobo Arc!-Yes
Crimson Nirvana 1511Crimson Bow!-Yes
Chthonic Maelstrom 1511Demonic Bow!-Yes
Stonefist Gigantbow 1511Stonefist Bow!No 
Royal Concerto 1511Royal Blaster!Yes 
Deadeye Tragedy 1511Wicked Bow!Yes 
Beyond the Firmaments 511Perennial Winter!Yes